Revolutionary laundry and dry-cleaning service not only faster, cheaper and more eco-friendly for the public, but it’s better for businesses as well

Discover the 4 main reasons why more and more businesses are appointing EcoFresh to manage all their laundry needs

‘EcoFresh Tailormade’ is our bespoke commercial service, specifically designed around the needs of each individual organisation or business that appoints us to do their
dry-cleaning, laundry, repairs and alterations.

More and more schools, spas, hotels, nursing and leisure operations are realising the significant benefits of EcoFresh and appointing us to manage all their needs.

Outsourcing to Ecofresh enables you to:

1)  Save money, as our services are more cost efficient than traditional dry-cleaners or laundries and actually more cost efficient than running an on-site laundry

2)  Save the time and hassle involved in staffing and managing an in-house laundry

3)  Projects an environmentally responsible message to your customers, which in this modern eco-awareness age is becoming increasingly important

4) Provides a one-stop hassle free solution as we handle everything in the garment management process, from cleaning, ironing, repair, alteration to even its replacement due to wear and tear, or damage

Client Testimonial

Karen Radford, the Bursar at Cranbrook Grammar School, says:
“EcoFresh gave us a wide choice when we discussed our laundry requirements with them.  We could choose delivery and collection days to suit our needs, choose ownership of the linen, have a flexible approach to services for uniforms, towels, dry cleaning, curtains, etc.
This approach, coupled with a high level of service and support, has resulted in a successful partnership with the School at an affordable price.
With the recently introduced Eco Friendly approach, adding to the benefits, I am happy to recommend the services of EcoFresh Drycleaning & Laundry”.


If you would like Lawrence Evans, Managing Partner,

to visit you and discuss ‘EcoFresh Tailormade’ in more detail,

evaluate your needs and how much money you can save

and provide a quotation please telephone 07984 310374 or [email protected] and he will respond in person.

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